AppSmith Books is a privately owned, publishing company specializing in English language programming books for Apple products such as the iPhone, iPad and Mac using Apple’s Xcode programming environment and the Swift and Objective-C programming languages. All of our books are published as eBooks because of their convenience. Unlike some publishing companies and distributers, we recognise the fact that publishing and distributing eBooks is a lot cheaper (and more convenient) than books in print. Therefor, our books are on average just $9.95 per title or less. You can read our ebooks on your iPad, Mac or other tablet.

Our books are available on the Apple iBook Store and Amazon world wide.

To support our readers and enrich their experience with AppSmith Books, we also have a YouTube channel with screencasts that cover general information and tutorials with excerpts from the chapters of the books. Whenever a new programming topic will benefit from a visual demonstration, we will try to produce a supporting screen cast.

So, welcome to our site, enjoy the articles and thank you for considering our books.

AppSmith Books.