Programming Swift! Mac Apps 1

Programming Swift! Mac Apps 1 is all about getting started building Mac applications with Xcode.

The book covers visual programming with storyboards and interface builder. You’ll be working with latest version of Xcode and Swift, building modern Mac applications.

The book has 17 hands on chapters and several projects that you will build from the ground up. You’ll start building small, throw-away demo apps that focus on a new topic then you’ll build a complete app that combines these topics and shows you how to put them together in a real application.

You will learn about:

App architecture and building blocks.
Outlets, Actions.
Cocoa application storyboards, scenes and segues.
The assistant editor and manual code connections.
Application life cycles, app delegate events and view events.
The Xcode object library, sender objects, dual personality connections.
None-Visual objects: Timer and sound objects.
Auto Layout and the stack view system.
Basic debugging.
Programming for the responder chain and first responder object
Menus and toolbars.
The app About Box
Applications with multiple views and windows.
Tabbed views and relationship segues.
More segues for panels, alerts, sheets and the representedObject.
File Open/Save panels, file manager objects and image controls.
Xcode Asset Catalog and a larger project app: Asset Maker (you’ll build an app that can create icons for your projects).
The user defaults class – saving application settings and adding a preferences pane.
Introduction to data sources and delegates.
Use data-driven combo-box.
Data models, build a Swift singleton class to act as the Model in MVC.
Database apps
Table Views – both cell based and view based table views that persist data to XML
The all new, modern NSCollectionView with delegates, data sources and flow layout.

Source Code Download

Here are the selected source code projects for this book. The chapter 5 BMI project includes the changes made later in the Auto Layout chapter and there are two versions of the Asset Maker project. The AssetMaker05noprefs file is the first version of Asset Maker before the preferences panel was added.


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