Programming Swift! Beginning iOS Development

Programming Swift!
Beginning iOS Development

Programming Swift! is a new series of programming books for Apple’s Xcode system and their new language Swift.

Beginning iOS Development” is the first title in the series. The book is available on Amazon and the Apple iBookstore.


With this book you’ll learn about using Swift in everyday programming tasks when learning to build iOS applications for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch with Xcode.

The book is about 500 printed pages covering a broad range of topics over 19 chapters and is fully illustrated throughout with color screen shots and diagrams.

Both Amazon and iBooks will let you sample the first couple of chapters.

If you get stuck with a chapter project, the source code for the major chapter projects is available below, and AppSmith Books also have forum where you can ask the author questions or discuss topics with other readers. Forum.

Source Code Download:

The download for this title is a 2.2mb .zip file containing the Xcode projects for several of the chapter projects including the Swift Mac OS X project “Asset Maker” used for creating application icons.

As Apple fine-tune the Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks to work better with the Swift programming language, updates and changes may break the source code available here. The date beside the download link will be updated if the source code download changes.

Download Version 16-Dec-2014 (previous 16-Dec-2014).

Available on Amazon and iBooks now.
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