Xcode Primer – Visual Programming for iOS

Xcode Primer – Visual Programming for iOS – Now Free!

This third book in the Xcode Primer series is all about visual programming for iOS.
It’s written for the beginner and takes you on a guided tour of the Xcode object library for iOS projects. You’ll learn how to program buttons, switches, labels, text fields, table views, segmented controls, sliders, progress and activity controls, the new iOS 6 collection view and much, much more.
It will teach you all about the dozens of visual objects and some none visual objects in the library, how to code them, customize them and get them working together.
It will teach you visual coding techniques that will save you time and headaches and help you choose the right Xcode templates to get your app ideas up and running, and about code generation using the assistant editor.
All you need is a modern Mac and a free copy of Xcode. No paid developer account needed.
The book also covers new features in Xcode 4.5, iOS 6 and the iPhone 5.
The book is fully illustrated throughout.
Our Screencasts section and YouTube channel will have new videos for this book demonstrating some of the Xcode techniques being used in the book.

Get your Free ePub here 10mb.