Xcode Primer – Starting Objective-C

Xcode Primer – Starting Objective-C – Now Free!

Starting Objective-C is the second in the Xcode Primer series by author Nick Smith.

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An Objective-C book for beginners.

This is the second book in the Xcode Primer series and picks up where the first one left off. After the basics of C you need to learn Objective-C.

iOS iPhone and iPad developers use a mix of C and Objective-C every day. Use this book to learn to walk before you can run. Helps you make the transition from procedural C programming to wildly popular object oriented programming language that is Objective-C.

Covers OOP, the Objective-C syntax, building and consuming classes, the Foundation framework, the file system, 2 chapters with iOS and Mac OS X GUI development, a project chapter and many, many examples, exercises and code challenges.

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