Xcode Primer – Starting Core Data

Xcode Primer – Starting Core Data – Now Free!

This is the fifth book in the Xcode Primer series and is designed to get you started quickly and confidently with Core Data, teaching you the basics in OSX and iOS with mix of theory and plenty of hands on coding and App building. Starting Core Data builds upon the previous two Xcode Primer books: Visual Programming for iOS and Visual Programming for OS X. The book was written using OS X 10.9.x, iOS 7.x and Xcode 5.x.

In this book, I’ve taken a database oriented approach to Core Data and the exercises are all designed to build content/information based apps. You can use the book as a study guide and also as a reference.

The goal of this book is to take the learning curve of Core Data and flatten it out a bit.

The book will cover Core Data basics like adding, deleting, updating data, as well as sorting, filtering and relational data. When you’re done with this book, you’ll have a good understanding and plenty of practical coding experience with all of the following subjects:

Designing a data model with: entities, attributes, relationships, data types, managed objects, subclassed managed objects, persistent store types, fetch requests, predicates, table views, stored fetch request templates, fetched results controllers, property level validation and binary data attributes for storing data like images.

The book is illustrated throughout and the code samples are formatted for ebook reading.

Source Code:

Some of the source code packages are the result of more than one chapter. For example, chapter 14 added Core Data validation techniques to the chapter 13 project. There is no separate download for chapter 14. The chapter 13 source code download includes the code covered in chapter 14.

Chapter 2 source code

Chapter 3 source code

Chapter 4 source code

Chapter 5 source code

Chapter 5 v2 (Year attribute as String)

Chapter 7 source code

Chapter 9 source code

Chapter 11 source code

Chapter 12 source code

Chapter 13 source code

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