Xcode Primer – Visual Programming for OS X

Xcode Primer – Visual Programming for OS X – Now Free!

The fourth book in the Xcode Primer series.
Learn to build Mac apps in Xcode 5 on OS X Mavericks or Mountain Lion.
Covers app building basics, debugging, protocols, delegates, table views, collection views, KVO, popovers, windows and much more.
Build on your C and Objective-C knowledge from the previous Xcode Primer books and learn the art of visual programming in Xcode 5.
Free source code available.

Note: the source code links will take you to Google Drive. You do not need a login to download. To download the Zip file, simply follow the instructions in chapter 24.1 of the book. 

Source Code:

Chapter 8.1 Calculator Project

Chapter 9 Project

Chapter 10-3 Project

Chapters 15-16 AssetMaker3 

Chapter 20 Project

Chapter 21 Project

Chapter 22 Project

Chapter 23 Project

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